Saturday, July 27, 2013

day 13
today we did inventory and then we went to dry falls to see the canyon were the water use to be

day 11
we drove to cole vill we blogged in the morning and took showers and played basket ball then we got to go to stone rose fossils so that we could go dig for fossils the n we went strait to nespelem to the colvill indian reservation to the comunity center we went to go eat pizza and then we went to go to the laser light show on the grand coulee damn
day 9
we got up at 7 am and we got to do painting at winexes and i got to do a hand shirt with the painting then we got to see how the first foods were prepared and she talked about how important they are to the umitila then we got on the road to go to spokane and the spokane tribe gave us a free dinner at the arby's and one of the teachers left the keys in the car so we were late from leaving from arbys  , they led us to the fair grounds in wellpinit  
day 12    rick desautel
today we woke up at 730 we had to wake up early because we ahd an elder come and talk to us named Barbra aripa she talked about the land and how we can protect it  she talked about the streams and the animals and then at  then at about ten rick desautel came and escorted us to a fishery that was on the Columbia  we got to take a boat to the fish hatchery place so we can see the fish and how big they get . then we got to go to the community center it was really nice we got to play basket ball then at around 7 we got to go up to the mountains and howl at wolfs it was fun then we got back at 11 and went to sleep

Thursday, July 25, 2013

day 8
    we went to the umitila government building we met a nice lady named wenix she was showing us a construction site were they were fixing the stream so the fish have a better place to spawn and to live we  got some of the background knowledge about the river and what was wrong with it and how the temperature effected the fish and how they spawn on our way to the construction  site the band wagon and the flaming eagle got a flat tire the flaming eagle van got two flats and the war pony got two flats too so it was five flat tires in one day the war pony had to wait because we couldn't move the tires were to bad so we had to wait for the other vehicles to go get our tires so we could get out of there we had a spare but the other tire was totally destroyed so we couldn't go anywhere we ended up waiting for like three hours  we then got people who worked on tires and they fixed up the tire so that we could go they followed us so that we could make it out okay and not get stuck again . we then went to winexes house and they had dinner ready for us so we had Indian tacos  we played volley ball and  stayed up and learned how to play stick games it was really fun  , we got to see how they make glass plates and bowls and it was really cool all of the glass that they used .we got to play volley ball and dance it was all good

day ten 
we got up at like 7 ish in the morning we got some guest speakers and we got a good feel of what they do and how their job is done we then went to the stream and we ate lunch and swam alittle  then we got to shock fish and we went up stream we had people with nets and they caught the fish that got knocked out by the electric shock 
we then went to the campsite and waited got some free time and we got to go swimming  when we went swimming we went swimming at Roosevelt lake and me and a group of other kids swam all the way across and when we got there we seen that other people signed there name there and so we all put our name on the wall  the ground was really sandy and we found some clay it was a really fun experience 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 7
Today we woke up at 6 ish and we went to the fishery were they showed us how they tag the fishes and release them back int the stream or take them to a spawning area